Okay! So last night I worked on a schedule for myself.  I'm the type of person that needs a sort of checklist to go by daily so things get done.  I'll admit that for a while after becoming a homemaker I searched and hoped I would find some sort of guide to what to do during the day... something I could follow that would include spending quality learning time with my son, household responsibilities that would keep my husband and I proud to walk into our home, and a little bit of me time as well.  Well with the help from FlyLady and The Time Warp Wife's Housekeeping Schedule, I came up with what seems to really work for me.  Of course the times and content of this schedule varies since we cannot predict day to day happenings in our lives but for a typical day in my household this is what it looks like.  Hopefully this helps some of you who are new to homemaking or motherhood and are finding it difficult to figure out what to do with your days!  Keep in mind it's a work in progress and it'll probably be continually changing as I figure out what works best for me... and you can do the same!  Switch things around, add things, or take things away to make it fit you!
Hubby :D
5/31/2011 04:02:15 am

Love it babe!

Miss you!

5/31/2011 05:03:54 am

Thanks! Love you! We miss you too!

5/31/2011 05:26:53 am

I am all about schedules. I fit in working from home as well and would be lost without my schedule! I keep a notebook with lists for each day. I instated a laundry schedule a few months ago and it's made my life so much happier (sad to say!). Now I know towels on Monday, darks on Tuesday, etc. We never run out of clean stuff at the last minute.

5/31/2011 05:51:37 am

i love it! I might have to try something like this.

6/1/2011 08:30:26 am

I have been using a program called "Let's Clean Up" for the last 30 days and I love it! I enter all of my housekeeping tasks by room, set a schedule (weekly, monthly, etc) and then start cleaning!

The best part is when you set your kitchen floor to be cleaned every 2 weeks and your kid has a messy dinner and you end up mopping it sooner, you just mark that its been done and the program schedules it out another 2 weeks! Great for all the areas of the house that get cleaned up randomly as life messes happen!

The best part is that you can try it for 30 days and if you like it, it is only $9.95 to purchase. I sound like a commercial, but I just really like the program!


6/1/2011 08:56:04 am

Thanks for the comments ladies!
Stacey I LOVE the idea of separating the laundry by the days of the week!
Sara... Definitely give it a try it works wonders!
Ronda... thanks for reading!! That sounds like an awesome program! I'm definitely gonna check it out... Thanks! :)

Linda Leigh


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