Okay... I think I've finally come up with a schedule that will really works for my Lil' Man and I!  Let me first say that where I've gone wrong in the past I think is being too detailed.  Don't get me wrong... you'll notice my homemaker's schedule is quite detailed but it's not hour by hour... it's more by time blocks.  I found that if I scheduled out sections of the day it would be easier to follow.  For example... for the morning block, I know it starts with breakfast and whatever we do afterwards just has to be done and ready for the next block of time by 10:30.

I've also scheduled days of the week for certain activities or outings... leaving two days of the week free for any outings that come up such as playgroups or last minute errands.  I've also listed my night time routine which includes my shower.  I've found that if I shower at night, I can "prep" my hair in a way that makes it already styled when I wake up in the morning... Sometimes I put my hair in rollers and when I'm really feeling adventurous I'll do pin curls, but the easiest thing I do, which gives me great results is the sock bun

Something else I want to point out are the Ten Minute Cleanups... out of all the things that I've seen regarding cleaning schedules this one REALLY works for me.  I set my timer for ten minutes and I do everything as quickly as I can.  In order for this to work well for you... it might be necessary to do one real good deep clean on the house.  That way... the three ten minute cleanups a day will keep things tidy!  I'm still using FlyLady but I'm tweaking it a bit by adding the daily missions into my Ten Minute Cleanups... That way different parts of my house get their cleanups without me having to figure it out. 

Keep in mind... Even though I laid this out in detail... nothing is set in stone.  As a homemaker with children you have to do what you have to do when you have to do it.  For me... this is extremely helpful because I am a blue print type of gal and I need a schedule like this to look at and follow on a daily basis in order to be productive.  Otherwise I'll find myself sitting on the couch letting my Lil' Man watch tv as I surf the internet... yeah bad I know.  So it's necessary for me... but that doesn't mean if a day comes where things need to be switched up a bit that I say no way because I have a schedule to follow... no not at all.  I go with the flow and do what needs to be done... but for the typical, non-eventful, every day sort of day...it's the perfect guideline for me.  Not to mention I'm sure as time goes by I'll be switching a few things around... for example I'm planning on fitting going to the gym in there somewhere but I need to figure out more details on classes I want to take etc and figure out how to work those times into the schedule. 

When I first became a homemaker shortly after my son was born I was sort of left clueless on how to balance my day.  I searched and searched for a routine or schedule like this and was never able to find anything... So I hope that this helps someone.  You do not need to follow it to a T but if it helps you to organize your thoughts and create the perfect schedule for yourself then that will make me happy.  So here ya go... check out my Homemakers Daily Schedule and take what you need!
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