I found these great... well I'm not sure what they are... they could be sheets... but they are perfect and exactly what I was looking for!  They are soft enough and pretty enough for some summer napkins and I think I may have enough material left over for an apron!  We'll see how I do. 

I wasn't sure what to expect... I went in looking for extra large clothing in prints that I could work with but nothing was really jumping out at me... There was one skirt I thought I might be able to work with but it just wasn't satisfying me as much as I thought.  Right as I was about to leave empty handed I looked up and saw a shelf of children's books which caught my interest... as I scanned the room for other interesting children's items I noticed an entire section that I missed with nothing but linens!

I'm definitely a fan of thrift stores now and I will be frequenting them often! 

I stopped by Jo-Anns prior to the thrift store and got a great deal on these two fabrics which I'm hoping to make a garden apron out of.  

There's a lot I have to learn so I think I'll save these two cute pieces of fabric till I get the hang of things but until then... my "fabric" will be coming from thrifts stores everywhere.

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~ Be Magical!

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