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So I've used this hand sanitizer all weekend as we traveled to Kentucky to visit my sister and back. I was SUPER NERVOUS about getting sick since I'm pregnant and all and of course I didn't want my little man to get sick either. Well... We're back home and so far so good!

The only problem is I don't have exact measurements for you but I'll try and sum it up as best I can... Make sure to read my notes at the bottom. I've decided not to make it exactly the same bec time.

Here's what you'll need:
2-3 oz of Aloe gel (The real stuff... This is what I used)
3 dropper full of Jojoba oil
5 drops of each of the following:
Lemon essential oil
Frankincense essential oil
Tea Tree Oil essential oil
Palmarosa essential oil
Orange essential oil

Start out with the jojoba oil and add all 20 drops of the essential oils to the jojoba oil. Then add that oil mixture to the 2-3 oz of aloe gel. Cap and shake and voila! You have homemade hand sanitizer that's alcohol and chemical free!!

There are SEVERAL combinations of essential oils that you could use. There are a WIDE range of anti-bacterial essential oils and the ones I chose are simply only a few.

Here is what I'm going to do differently next time.  You see... AFTER I came home from Trader Joes I looked at the back of the bottle of the aloe vera gel... Normally that's something I do BEFORE I make the purchase but it had come recommended to me so I was just excited that I found it and rushed on to buy it. Anyway... When I looked at the ingredients list I found more than just "aloe vera"... And in addition to a couple ingredients I couldn't pronounce I found one type of paraben. Sorrrrrry.... But this little bottle of aloe vera gel that I used (link posted above) just does NOT make the cut for my standards. I'm glad I made such a little bottle!!! I will finish using it because I don't like to waste anything but the next hand sanitizer that I make will be made with one different ingredient... The aloe vera.

Instead I found this at Sprouts... It's not in gel form in fact it's liquid like water... But I figure instead of a squeeze bottle I'll get a little spritz bottle and just do one to two sprays on our hands and use it the exact same way. I'll let you know how it works out when I do it this way. But I think it'll be perfect!

So there you have it... My homemade hand sanitizer that my son and I used on our trip... And like I said... No sniffles or sneezes yet! I WILL say however... That's not ALL I did.... I also dosed us all up with Elderberry syrup before our trip and will continue to do so for the rest of the flu season! I'll post that recipe next!!!
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