And above all, watch
with glittering eyes the
whole world around you
because the greatest secrets
are always hidden in the
most unlikely places. 
Those who don't believe in
magic will never find it.

~Roald Dahl~
"Where you believe there is magic... you will find it."
~Author Unknown~
"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray."
~ Rumi ~
So it's been a little over two months since my last post and I swear there's a reason for my absence!!  How does another move and a whole first trimester of pregnancy sound?  Okay so doesn't sound like much in that one sentence so let me give some more details!  My sister ended up getting transferred across country (go figure we arrive and she leaves!) and needed to sell her house.  So we quickly found ourselves a new rental home and got all moved in and are STILL unpacking boxes!  We love our new house and it's in a WONDERFUL neighborhood FULL of children.  We are hoping that we stay here for at least a couple years before having to move yet again.  We are making it feel like home even though it is a rental like I vowed to do a while ago... nothing wastes time more than waiting for what you really want.... Live in the moment... Live in the now.... Right??  So pictures are being hung and bedrooms are being decorated!  Including the nursery!!!!!

Yes you read correctly..... WE'RE PREGNANT!!!  Boy oh boy has this been a tough first trimester!!!  I have been MAJORLY sick with morning sickness which has been the MAIN reason for my absence.  Looking at a computer screen was just something I was NOT able to do until recently.  Not only because of my morning sickness but only recently did the symptom of dizziness subside!!  You always hear how every pregnancy is different.... Uhhhh YEAH!  This is NOTHING like what I experienced with my son.  I not only had morning sickness (which unfortunately is still lingering) but for the entire first trimester I had this horrible stomach ache that lasted 24/7!!  So I had all these herbal remedies ready for morning sickness and instead I was dealing with a stomach ache that I could do nothing for!!  At first I was concerned but our Midwife said all was fine and all was normal!!  So there you have it!!  I've been thinking of you EVERY day and have been very anxious to get back to y'all!!!

So let's talk about some more fun details!!  Did I say "Midwife"?  Well yes I did!!  When we were back in Kansas talking about the possibility of getting pregnant again, my husband wasn't 100% on board with a Midwife and a birthing center (even though I was), so we decided the best scenario would be a Midwife who delivered in a hospital and that's exactly what we found here in Arizona!!  What's even more special is it's at the same hospital where we had our first son! YAY!!

So... I'm not 100% yet but I can definitely get on the computer now and I'm psyched about the holidays coming up aren't you!?!?  Thanks for sticking with me and thanks for all the new "likes" on Facebook!!  How awesome is that?!  Welcome to all you newcomers... I hope you like it here!!!