You know what I love about living in the Midwest as opposed to the Desert?  The fact that I don't have to purchase artificial leaves from a craft store.  Instead... I found these gorgeous fall leaves floating across my driveway.  I grabbed a handful and brought them indoors.  A few of them I even put into a book to flatten so we can always remember experiencing our very first Autumn. 

These leaves that came to me made me think about how I have all my fall decorations packed away and how it would be silly to unpack everything when we will be moving very shortly.  So instead I thought to myself... Let's bring some of this beautiful seasonal nature indoors!  There are hundreds of things all around us that we can bring in to decorate our homes for the seasons.  Leaves, pine cones, branches that have fallen from trees, pebbles and of course flowers!  The list goes on and on.  Even if I had all my decorations unpacked there's still something so magickal about bringing nature indoors connecting you more with our beautiful earth and it's elements. 

So start decorating!  Make it a fun outing for the family and for the little ones... go hunting for treasures that shout the change in our seasons.  Take baskets with you and collect as many leaves as you can and make a wreath with some branches that you find or even a grapevine wreath from the dollar store!  Remember... only take what is given, don't pull leaves or branches from trees... take only what has already fallen from where it lived.  Respect nature and her beauty. 

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