Isn't it beautiful!  I have had these canister sets for SEVERAL years... it was a gift from my mother because I love collecting copper for my kitchen.  Well I never actually used them for spices because I just loved the set as a decoration.  Well today we bought some basil for our Sundried Tomato Penne and the basil came as a plant in the individual containers... So we thought... Why not?  Let's plant them! 

We didn't have any planters laying around so we were looking around to see what would work... a breeze suddenly blew through our open window and rattled my copper spice set sitting pretty on top of my wine cabinet.  It was perfect!  My husband got to work with a hammer and nail poking holes through the bottom of the canisters for drainage and voila!  It worked out so well that we decided if these basil plants don't take then we'll just have to go get a couple more from the nursery.  The basil we have outdoors in our mini garden is taking very well due to the weather not being warm enough yet but there is still hope.  Now the big question is what other two herbs do I want to add to my new canister herb garden! 

I love it!  I just can't stop staring at it!

~ Be Magical!

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