So with Mothers Day being tomorrow... Wrapping paper is on my mind. It can get REALLY expensive and although sometimes it is beautiful, in the end it will always be ripped up and thrown away.

Instead I buy the large roll of brown craft paper!! It's way less expensive and personally... Maybe because I love all things vintage... I find it more beautiful than most wrapping paper I've seen. Doll it up with stamps if you must but I love plain and simple... tied up with string just like the song. Typically I don't do the writing but there's going to be more than one mom around tomorrow so I need to write names on it but a small tag is way cuter... I was just in a hurry because my mom was going to walk in!

I have another secret on how to do this spending even LESS money... What you see above... Is actually a paper grocery bag!! Need some gift wrap? Ask for paper next time you go grocery shopping. I typically have reusable bags but any time I forget them (which I do a lot!) I always ask for paper! There are SO many ways paper bags can be utilized and my new favorite are brown paper packages tied up with string!
8/16/2012 10:51:50 am

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