Hello!  Well we are back from our mini trip and our vacation continues since my husband has this week off and my family is in town!  This weekend we took some great photos and I wanted to remind everyone to capture the moment every possible chance you have.  Whether it's with a smart phone camera, your basic digital camera or a fancy camera that has all the bells and whistles... take every photo of your growing family as much as you can.  There are often times when I think we pass up great opportunities for taking pictures. 

Also... don't wait.  If it's professional pictures you seek of your family or your children but it's something you may not be able to afford (like us)... do some research and make those pictures happen!  There are free tips and editing programs online that will make your photos look as though you just stepped out of a studio!  Remember to have fun!  Don't be a perfectionist and realize the people in the photo are what makes the photo beautiful... not the editing or the background. 

~ Be Magickal!

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