So have y'all heard of it yet?  I'm sure you have... if not, "no poo" means no longer washing your hair with shampoo.  Yup I said it!  I'm giving shampoo and conditioner up!!  Now I'm not saying it's gonna work for me or that I'm giving it up forever but I''ve heard about it long enough and it's about time I try it.  I have no personal friends who have tried it yet and I've always had it in the back of my mind so here I go!

I could go into major detail about the "no poo" method but frankly, if I did, I'd be about the millionth blogger whose done so... therefore instead of just repeating what so many blogs have already said I'm going to refer you to what, in my opinion, is the simplest and best explanation I've seen yet at Simple Mom.  Not only does she give a great explanation of why to go "poo free", but she also gives an update of being "poo free" for TWO YEARS!!

But for those of you who just want the basics... here they are.  You basically stop using shampoo and conditioner and replace them with baking soda and apple cider vinegar (ACV).  Baking soda plus water for the wash and ACV plus water for the rinse.  Both are mixed at different ratios depending on your specific needs... i.e., Hair to dry?  Use less baking soda, more ACV or honey for your rinse.  Hair to oily?  Use less ACV or increase the amount of baking soda.  Personally I'm going to start out with what Simple Mom recommends which is one tablespoon of baking soda to eight ounces of water... same with the ACV. 

Today is my first day... well I guess technically I started last night because last night I showered and just rinsed my hair... No shampoo, no conditioner.  I hadn't washed my hair in a couple of days either so I wonder if that counts towards my transition time.  Oh yeah!  I forgot to tell you about the transition period.  Apparently you could have anywhere from a two week to a three month transition period for your hair to get used to being without shampoo stripping it of it's natural oils and for those natural oils to begin balancing themselves out.  I thought I'd do a little fun update on my "no poo" trial run by posting a one liner or so every day on the side bar and POSSIBLY a picture of what my hair is looking like.  I can't guarantee the picture... not sure I'm willing to get that personal yet... it all depends on how well my hair is "transitioning"!

So wish me luck!! I'm kinda excited at the prospect of never having to buy shampoo again!
_Olive oil.... Yep, that's it!  A few cotton swabs and some extra virgin organic (in my preference) olive oil.  It works like a charm and it all comes off, even mascara, within a few swipes. 

There are so many ingredients sitting right in your kitchen cupboards just waiting to be used as beauty products... and OH the money you'll save!! 

Stay tuned for some more kitchen cupboard beauty secrets!

_Now once again I got the basics of this recipe off of A Sonoma Garden.  Her recipe calls for olive oil but I used grape seed oil instead.  I also omitted the essential oil because I felt that the grape seed oil and beeswax combination made a wonderful natural scent... so I left it as is.  I also want to point out that this lotion is a bit greasy.  So if you already have oily skin you may or may not like it... but for someone like me who is from the desert and has very dry skin... I absolutely LOVE lathering up in this after a bath or shower.  My skin soaks it right up! 

1 cup of grape seed oil
1/2 cup of coconut oil
1/2 cup beeswax (I think next time I'm going to add a little bit less)
1/2 tsp Vitamin E oil

Combine both the grape seed oil and coconut oil with the beeswax in a mason jar.  Set the jar in a pot filled with water high enough to cover the oils and beeswax within the jar.  Be careful not to let any water enter the jar itself.  Bring the temperature to medium/low and stir until all ingredients are completely melted.  You then remove it from the heat and let stand at room temperature stirring occasionally until it has solidified.  Now is when you can put your few drops of Vitamin E oil and essential oils if you choose.

Now right now my camera is broken so I could only take pictures with my phone... but for more details don't forget to check out A Sonoma Garden!
_I did not take pictures during the process of making my lotion... but I followed this tutorial to a T and it came out perfectly!  I couldn't display it any better than A Sonoma Garden so take a look and have fun!!

1 1/4 cup hot water
1/4 cup emulsifying wax
1/4 cup olive oil
24-36 drops of essential oil

I omitted the essential oil for now as I practice different recipes to make sure I have the consistency that I want so I don't waste my essential oils since I don't have that much.  Well let me tell you this one is definitely a winner!