Isn't it beautiful!? It's my new medicine cabinet! I didn't have a designated area for medicines and vitamins... We had them in the herb cabinet which was fitting since I use herbs medicinally as well... But hubby has some big 'ol fat bottles of men's vitamins, fish oil... My lil man has his gummie vitamins... And like I've said before we aren't against modern day medicine so I have the few basics like Children's Tylenol, regular Tylenol, Excedrin (yuck!) and arthritis relief. Those last two are for grandma who always chooses them no matter how much I offer her my herbal remedies.

I also want to be accommodating to my guests... Not everyone knows that I use herbs and even those who do... They aren't all believers. So if someone comes over and ask for Tylenol for a headache... I want to be able to accommodate them.

So anyway... I didn't like seeing all those mainstream meds sitting in my herb cabinet alongside my pretty mason jars of herbs and teas. So I found this beautiful cabinet and guess what was the first thing it reminded me of? Anne of Green Gables!!! Remember the scene where Diana runs to Anne's house because her little sister is horribly sick... Anne runs back with her and they go to this little cabinet hung on the wall filled with dark glass bottles and she grabs the epicac. Of course as I just mentioned it won't be filled with dark glass bottles since its for all the over the counter stuff but it DID inspire me to start making tinctures! One shelf for OTC stuff and the other shelf for awesome dark glass bottles! (By the way Anne saved the little sister... In case you haven't seen the movie).


I'm so super excited about my new favorite thing!! It's a new DSLR camera!! For my birthday back in February my husband treated me to a new Nikon digital camera... Well a friend helped me realize that for just a little bit more money I could get my hands on a DSLR. So I took her advice and exchanged the Coolpix digital camera for the Nikon D3100!!

Here's the thing... Too often we hear how people own their DSLR but have no clue how to use it. Well I do not want to be one of those people... I want to learn everything I can about my camera!! I have ALWAYS been interested in photography although I've never ha any direction whatsoever. One day I hope to take some classes but until then... I have a plan.

Recently I've discovered a few photographer friends of mine posting photo challenge photos... Where they a list of key words for each day of the month directing them on the type of photo to take. Most of the time I see these photo challenge linked to groups like Instagram, blogs, etc... I decided to start a photo challenge just for myself... To learn more about my camera each day and to spark my creativity.

So I found a photo challenge list on Pinterest and began my personal photo challenge journey yesterday on June 1st. "Borrowed" waste first challenge word and this was the result...

I'm already having tons of fun with this project and I know I'm going to learn tons about my camera by doing this. Tune into Facebook for the rest of my photo challenge pics. I'll be sharing MOST of them on there (or at least the good ones).


So I thought it would be fun if I shared with all of you some of the products I use. Sometimes people are surprised at the everyday items I keep and others thank me for sharing with them something they may have been looking for. So here it is... A quick peak inside my cupboards!

This is the honey we use... Most of the time we buy local honey but they were out of it during our last trip to the store... What's important to me is "Raw", "Organic", and "Wildflower".
My little man's macaroni and cheese! Who ever thought when we were kids that we'd buy anything other than Kraft right? Well this is ten times better and better for you!! Wouldn't give my boy anything else!
This tastes so dang good... Why use the real thing when it's so unhealthy!? My sister who is completely against anything vegan... Had no clue I made potato salad for her with this. Ha! Yay!!
Great health benefits for drinking, awesome for making lotion, and nothing beats some cool aloe for sun burn or any other skin irritations!!
When I don't get a chance to make my own detergent this is what I choose to use!!
And... The cans are BPA FREE!!!
Can't tell the difference whatsoever!
These are made from 100% vegetables!! None of the harmful chemicals found in common food coloring linked to numerous health problems in children. I have no problem making delicious sugar cookies for my little man with these! YAY!
From Costco! Simple and perfect... And they last a while too!!
Another Costco buy! I'm so proud of them for bringing the Organic products into their store!! This lasts forever and it's soo much better for you!!
Yummy smelling and doesn't dry out your hands!
Again... When I can't make my own this is the next best thing!
Costco once again... For the price of real vanilla I wouldn't get it anywhere else. For the real special stuff sometimes I make a trip to Marshall's or TJ Maxx!
Can you guess where this is from? :)
Not only used in the kitchen but works so well on the body as well... For all ages from a simple moisturizer, to makeup remover, to diaper rash (of course you might want to use a separate container for that) ;)
And there you have it!  I know it wasn't too many items but those are things I use practically EVERY DAY!!  Let me know if you have any questions about anything!!  This was fun!! I think I might share all my magickal cooking tools next time!! Yay!! :)
The Ziploc Vacuum is now one of my new favorite things!!  I have wanted a vacuum sealer for quite some time now but I've avoided getting one because of their price.  Well... this weekend we did our grocery shopping for our month's menu and I wanted to try freezing some prep work (chopped up vegetables) as a lot of my friends do.  So I went ahead and bought some vegetables in bulk at Costco and then we went to Walmart for some other essentials and I went to go get some freezer bags knowing I was going to freeze some veggies.

Well on the bottom shelf this Ziploc Vacuum caught my eye!  I had not heard of it nor have I seen a single commercial for it.  I honestly have no idea how long it's even been out but because it was so inexpensive my husband suggested I give it a try because I was so excited about it.  So we brought it home and I immediately began chopping.  I cannot believe how easy using this thing is!!!  Take a look!

I chopped up my mushrooms...
Pulled out a bag... they look just a tiny bit different than the normal ones.
I put the mushrooms in the bag and sealed it like normal at the top.  Then you just put the little pump on the big blue circle and start pumping...
And Voila!  It sucked all the air out of the bags and the mushrooms were so tightly vacuum sealed... I couldn't imagine a machine doing any better!  Not to mention... you get a tiny workout!! :)

Now I'm not saying I don't still want a vacuum sealer one day... the reason I wanted one in the first place was because I saw an idea on Pinterest on how you put chopped up lettuce in jars and then vacuum seal them shut and the lettuce stays fresh and crisp WAY longer than normal.  So for that specific purpose I'd still like one but for everything else... this little hand pump works wonders!! 

I was concerned with the whole freezing in plastic so I DID do some research.  I could not find any red flags for doing so... especially when you're putting room temperature or slightly chilled items into the bags and not hot items.  Also... Ziploc is my go to brand because on each package they specifically state that their products are BPA free! 

So with this new method of mine I see a lot less work for me during the week when I begin dinner, a lot less middle of the week grocery runs for one or two fresh items that we need to complete dinner, and a lot less food being wasted!!! I LOVE it!!!
Every single dog bed that we've ever purchased has been great as far as our dog's comfort.  But even though they all say "removable and washable cover"... I've never found a dog bed that I could really clean.  Frankly I find it IMPOSSIBLE to remove the hair from the dog beds even with a vacuum.  And unless I can remove all the hair from those covers I would most certainly not put one in my washing machine.  

So... I was in search of something that would last a long time, not weave in the hair that my dog leaves into it's fabric, and not retain that pet odor that accumulates no matter how clean you keep your pets.  I had several things on my mind and I was about ready to go purchase some things to make my very own dog bed.  Then suddenly... I thought of the best solution ever!! A CRIB MATTRESS!!!!! Get the cheapest crib mattress you can find... throw a $1.99 thrift store sheet over it and throw that sucker on the floor for your pet!  

This is absolutely the best dog bed I could imagine... it's comfortable... it's INCREDIBLY clean because I can just spray it down and wipe it, a sheet is MUCH easier to get hair off of and if not... I can just grab another one from the thrift store!  I just did all of this today and so far she's been on it for the past two hours... I think she approves!  Here are some pictures... I just threw it down quickly because I wanted to see if she'd even use it so I'll probably take that sheet and sew it to make it fitted and somehow spruce it up a bit but she looks comfy does she not?
When I saw here in this position below... I knew it was a keeper. :) 
First off I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's weekend!  We had a great mini staycation and even though we stayed in town and it was only for one night I still have to work on getting back in the swing of things!!  Grandma is also in town for a while so our schedule always takes a bit of adjusting when she first arrives.  So tomorrow it's back to the grindstone!

This weekend we discovered my newest favorite thing!  First off let me 'splain... I love candles... and for a while now I have been trying to find more and more options for Soy candles as well as Beeswax candles.  They are natural and better in so many ways such as a cleaner and longer burn... etc.  I found some Beeswax candles and have actually ordered some but they are SO expensive and frankly I was not happy with how quickly they burned!  So I have been contemplating on ordering some Soy candles but just haven't gotten around to it.    On my birthday my husband took me to this cute little eclectic shop filled with books, jewelry, artwork, etc... and as we were looking around some candles caught my eye!  They were beautiful and very reasonably priced and I said to my husband... "Too bad they aren't soy".  Then we turned the little carousel they were displayed on and saw a sign stating that they were Palm Wax candles.  Palm Wax?  I had no clue... I had never heard of it, so I took the little description sheet that they had displayed and was OVERCOME with joy!

Palm wax candles from Aloha Bay are 100% natural unlike soy, which I was unaware of.  "Soy wax is most often a blend of waxes (soy, palm, & beeswax) that can contain as little as 25% soy oil. All soy wax is chemically distilled, with synthetic additives and mostly from GMO seed."  They are beautiful, burn MUCH longer and BRIGHTER and I am so excited to have found something of such quality for such a reasonable price.  Much cheaper than Beeswax candles.  They have more information than I could ever post here so please take a look at their website for more information and other products.  They seem to be a great company that care a great deal for our earth.
Meet my magickal pie hutch... it has always and forever been one of my favorite things!  This hutch has always been in my life since the day I was born.  It was a gift to my mother from my father many moons ago and it warms my heart each and every time I pass it.  There is definitely magick afoot within these hutch doors... My mother was kind enough to "loan" it to me on our adventurous move to the Midwest and I am currently using it as my herb cabinet!  I hope one day I am able to pass it on to my children who will hopefully adore it as much as I do... For I know it will still be standing strong.

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Today I'm going to show you how I make my cup of chamomile tea.  Chamomile is a wonderful herb that is calming and an anti-inflammatory.  My little man even loves his chamomile tea with raw honey. 

Whenever I think of chamomile I think of Peter Rabbit... "One tablespoonful to be taken at bed time."

Here's what I use to make it:

1 tablespoon of dried chamomile
8 oz of just boiled water
Tea press

These pictures show me making two cups of tea... First put your water to boil while you are preparing your tea press.  Put your measured amount of chamomile into your tea press.
Then pour your just boiled water over the herbs and cover with the lid.
Set your timer for 20 minutes while your herbs steep and while you set up your nice quiet corner to enjoy your tea.  When the timer goes off push down on the tea press to capture the herbs on the bottom.  Look at the beautiful color it turned.
Now pour your beautiful aromatic tea into a cute mug and add some delicious organic raw local wildflower honey!
Now curl up and enjoy your chamomile tea while reading a book, perusing the internet, or crocheting like me!  And yes of course we can't forget... I always find my welcoming cup of tea sitting and waiting for me after I've chased the little one around the house for a bit.  He in fact just woke up from his nap and is stealing sips for himself ;) 
"I simply remember my favorite things... and then I don't feeeeeel...." Oh!  Sorry.... Am I the only one who breaks into song every time I hear the phrase "My Favorite Things"? 

So anyway... A very kind and dear friend of mine came to my rescue!  She saw a Facebook post of mine complaining about how I always seem to misplace my crochet hooks!  Well a couple of weeks later what do I find in my mailbox??  A beautiful handmade crochet hook organizer!!  Isn't it beautiful!  It is absolutely perfect.  I was overcome with gratefulness and love.  I'm not sure I've ever received a more kind and thoughtful gift.  I can't say thank you enough!  To know that my friend took the time to sew something so beautifully together that served such a great and useful purpose.  Every time I look at it I smile... "and then I don't feeeeel soooooo baaaad!"  ;)

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Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?  I cannot even begin to explain how much joy this new wooden heart spoon that my mother brought as a gift for me brings to me.  I know, I know... I sound silly right?  But I'm completely serious.  I smile every time I see it and as crazy as it sounds I think this spoon symbolizes me and how I feel when I am in my kitchen. 

Love, the earth and all it's elements, making a meal, tasting that meal, bringing together family, charm and magick... I see all of these things when I look at this spoon.  All of those things are what I hope to create and be while I am in my kitchen and in my home. 

Tonight I decided to come up with a chili recipe... I never knew ingredients to chili could cause such a debate!  Beans, no beans, pasta, no pasta, real meat, veggie meat... PHEW!  A friend of mine told me earlier this evening that she believed chili to be a very personal thing and that every person has their own way of making it.  This couldn't be more true. 

So no matter what you call it... we'll call it chili round these parts... my chili was made with love, a touch of magick, and everything else my new wooden spoon brought to the pot.  It was a perfect heartwarming meal in which to initiate my new favorite spoon and I would love to share it with you. 

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