So since my last post I've realized that maybe I jumped the gun in my decision to stop posting all together.  After receiving a few messages from my readers... I spoke with my husband and I discovered that the reasons I started this blog aren't quite where I ended up in the here and now... where I've ended up is even better.  Yes... I started this blog to share all things regarding homemaking with a little touch of sustainability and that is still what I am very passionate about and will continue to write about.  However... what I didn't realize was happening was that this blog... I... was becoming a friend... a best friend... a sister, a helping hand, a mentor and in some cases... maybe even a mother.  I didn't realize how much my thoughts and words might be helping someone else.  Believe me I'm not saying I'm the great and powerful Oz... I'm saying... I just didn't know.  I didn't know that I was helping. 

So... here's the plan.  I've found a happy medium that I think will work perfectly.  I will be posting on Saturdays... maybe Friday night's... Either way the weekends will be my time to post all my reflections, my favorite things, projects and recipes.  Wordless Wednesdays will stay because I love photography and although I'm an extreme novice... I'd like that to change so the more photos I take the better.  Words to Ponder will now become Mindful Mondays (which I'll go ahead and start in this post since it is technically Monday as I type)... who doesn't need an inspirational quote every now and then right?  Something to make you think long and hard and appreciate everything around you.  So three times a week there will be new content on this blog. 

I think this is a perfect plan... I felt a little piece to the puzzle missing when I made my previous decision... so when I realized that some of you might need me, I guess I realized... that I need you too. 
Anyone who has never made a mistake
has never tried anything new.
~Albert Einstein~

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