Do you ever check out your local community college and what they have to offer as far as continuing education?  Since we are new to the area I checked ours out and I'm so excited that they offer classes in gardening and sewing!  I unfortunately missed the spring classes that were available but I'll definitely be looking out for them in the fall. 

I think this will be the perfect opportunity for me to learn tricks of the trade to help me gain more knowledge of the homesteading life, not to mention it will be a great way to get some me time.  And the great thing is that it's not heavy on the pocketbook!  The handful of classes that I saw were only $12 each... I'm so excited!

Remember to always make some time for yourself... whether it's taking a one day class at your local community college or a two hour class at the craft or music shop down the street.  These are simple, inexpensive ways to get out by yourself while hubby takes care of the little one's and you can tell him that he'll benefit from it too!  Whether it's finally being able to sew on that button, making your husband a delicious gourmet meal, or learning how to make your home beautiful... these are all things your family can enjoy.  If it's homesteading you're interested in like I am, also check out your local extension office... you can usually find these through the state's college or your town's government website. 

Learning doesn't have to stop when we graduate high school or college... nor does it have to stop just because we're 30, 40 or 50 something.  If you've always wanted to know how to play the piano... get out there and take a lesson.  You'll feel good that you did. 

~ Be Magical!

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