Okay so maybe that's a bit extreme but that's all I could think of to title this post.... How about we call it a separation... a permanent separation with visitation rights with my smartphone, tv and laptop during nap times and occasionally on the weekends.  Yeah.... that's better.  Now here's why...

Last week it just dawned on me that I've become too darn dependent on our TV... Now I'm not against watching TV... not in the least in fact.  I love TV.... I'm EXTREMELY picky with what my son watches and I think he's learned a lot from the shows he sees.  But since the baby has been born it's kinda been an every day all day kinda thing.  Plus the baby is catching some views of the TV just because it's always on and that I really don't approve of that.  I never even let my son watch TV till he was two.  So that was my first clue.  I really don't want my newborn being entertained and missing out on the real life lessons all around because of a TV screen...  and hey you know what?  That goes for my son too!

My next clue was how I was treating my almost four year old.  When I stood back and looked at the situation I saw myself being too short with him and too detached.  I reminded myself that HE was my job.... nothing else but him and my new baby girl were the only things that deserved my utmost attention during the day with the next in line being our home.  So I made the decision right then and there that we were going to just stop.... No more TV during the day and no more smartphone for me unless the kiddos are napping or playing with their daddy on the weekends. 

Today is our second day trying out this new system.... Our first day was last Friday... and we are LOVING it.  The thing I noticed the MOST is I haven't lost my cool with my son... which actually makes me super sad because it makes me realize that the reason I've been losing my cool with him in the past is because he's been seeking the attention that I was giving to the internet.  Ugh.... shaking my head in shame over here...  Okay... brushing it off now.... because I'm changing it.  I've ALREADY changed it and I am proud of myself for recognizing that something wasn't quite right. 

You know what's icing on the cake both Friday and today?  My house is getting CLEAN!!!  Our priorities are better... I'm making things fun... and we're getting things done! 

I didn't realize how much could be missed by the simple act of checking things like Facebook and Pinterest in a day.... I was missing out on my child's life.  They grow so fast and before we know it I will have wondered where all the time went.  I don't want to look back and say it all went to my phone.  NOTHING is more important than my babies.  I am so excited.  For all you homemakers out there... if things aren't quite right and you're not accomplishing what you feel you should... take a step back and see if maybe you check in on the internet a bit too much... it may be something you can try to give up as well! 

Oops! GOTTA GO!!! My precious boy is awake! ;)
9/19/2013 03:03:09 am

I wish I can do this! But my husband is in the Army, so I have to regularly check my phone if he's sent me anything. But the TV being off most of the time, that sounds good. I discourage my 5-yr-old from watching TV, but I sleep at daytime (I work at night, just at home doing research), so I wake up and see her on the TV or on my smartphone. I understand how it feels that most of the time, TV and all that technology stuff are the ones keeping our temper short because our attention on them is suddenly snapped out when the kids need us. Your shame is my shame too... (feeling low)... Keeping the TV off, even FB off, would be great. It increases family time productivity and household productivity, I fully agree on that!


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