Did you know that throughout history February 2nd has been a day of celebration?  On this day... people would celebrate the coming of Spring and the soon to come end of Winter.  In different parts of the world farmers begin tilling the earth on this day, preparing their gardens to be planted.  Pretty neat how it is also "Groundhog's Day" where we wait to see if Punxsutawney Phil is going to predict a few more weeks of winter or not. Over time this day has evolved into many different names within many different cultures... Imbolc, St. Brigid's Day, Candlemas.

Whichever name you wish to call this day... it is a day that many use as a time for purification, cleansing, beginning anew... i.e., spring cleaning!  It is also a time used for creativity and commitment.  So say your new year's resolution didn't quite work out for you over the past four weeks... Well here's another chance.! Start fresh... for now is the time to celebrate all things new.  Give your house a thorough cleaning and even yourself!  Commit to yourself to make a change... to rid yourself of the lulls of Winter and energize yourself for the coming Spring!  Open your windows and let the chilly air and the warm sun cleanse out the stale and stagnant air in your home. 

The Romans also celebrated this day by dedicating it to Goddesses Venus and Diana... both Goddesses of Love.  The first flower of Spring was associated with these Goddesses hence the timing of this day as well.  Not to mention the month of February was named for Goddess Februa... the Goddess of Fresh Starts.  So another way to celebrate this day is to decorate for Valentine's Day!

I love how so many things that we do today, whether we take them seriously or consider them folklore, are all interconnected... representing times passed.  So have fun with this day... after all... a little head start on Spring Cleaning couldn't hurt right?

1/31/2012 05:04:50 am

Sounds like the perfect day to get some pre-Spring cleaning done!


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