Remember tonight is a full moon!  The full moon in the month of August is called the Sturgeon Moon... Native American tribes gave it this name because they believed the night of the full moon in August was the best time to catch Sturgeon Fish in the Great Lakes.

A full moon is believed to be a time for meditation, giving thanks, abundance, wish fulfillment, and of course harvest.  Pagans worship the full moon and draw their energy from it and according to Almanac.com... for the best tasting Sauerkraut, make it just after the full moon!  It is also a time of heightened feelings and major decisions should not be made during this time. 

Following the full moon comes the waning moon.  A time for letting go, undoing, and breaking bad habits. 

I hope you'll be able to see the moon tonight in all it's beauty... and just remember... if odd things begin to happen today... you can probably relate it to the moon being full!

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