I was quite disappointed today when I found out that the libraries in my area suspend story time for infants and toddlers during the summer months to make room for more "appropriate" school age activities for those children who are on summer break.  I called all the local libraries in my county getting the same answer from each one.  I threw my hands up in exasperation.  I was upset and I was done.  For the next hour or so I just kept thinking over and over again how crazy it was to not have a story time to take my 18 month son too.  Sure there were story times available at places like Barnes & Noble and Pottery Barn Kids but those included children of all ages and weren't geared towards little one's involving music and things like finger plays.  "The whole summer?" I kept thinking to myself... In a feeling of desperation I ALMOST called the library and offered my services towards an infant and toddler story time for free.  I stopped myself though... I imagined my son clinging onto my leg crying "MA!" "MA!", the way he does when he wants my attention, knowing the purpose in which I would do such a thing would be eliminated if my son and I couldn't enjoy story time together.  The wheels kept turning and I just wasn't satisfied.  I jumped back on the computer and opened the search engine compiling as many different combinations of key words that I could think of. 

After about an hour more of searching I FINALLY came across ONE library that offered exactly what I was looking for.  I was elated and I called just to double check and make sure they weren't canceling their activities for the summer either.... A big "NOPE!" came through the other line with a smile, as if she knew they had the only magical key that unlocked the little arched wooden doorway painted on the wall under a whimsical tree in the children's section.  I hung up the phone and called my husband with the news.  He shared my excitement and offered to help me plan out the route I would take (since we're new to the area) when he got home. 

I was determined to find a story time for my son... it was something he had thoroughly been enjoying and it was a great thing for him to attend and be a part of.  If I didn't find anything I had every intention of somehow coming up with something... My next thought was creating a Meetup group where the mom's would switch off hosting story time.  My point is... I gave it all I got.  No matter what the situation or what the task is... if you want it so, make it so.  Too many times in the past I've sat by idly hoping certain opportunities would come my way... well now it's different, especially when it comes to the happiness of my son.  When it's magic he wants... I make magic happen.  Do the same!  For you, for your family, for anyone who needs it.  You have the power.... use it.

~ Be Magical!

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