Well Hello!!! By the way does anyone else think of the line "And all I could say was 'Hello' " every time they say "hello"?  You know from An Affair to Remember... No? Okay never mind ;) Ahem anyway.... I'm so excited to share so much with you in the near future!!!  We are semi settled here in Arizona!! I say "semi" because our living situation is currently with family and only temporary. 

Arizona so far is so much more than I expected!!  Yes I am from here and yes I've always dreamed of owning a mini farm but I hadn't quite caught the Homesteading/Farm to Fork bug until I got to Kansas.  Coming home I'm so incredibly psyched to find so many resources, events and local businesses supporting the Homesteading and Farm to Fork movement!  I have so much to learn and I can't wait to share all my findings with you!!

As I said in my Facebook post I've come up with a new Homemaker's Schedule for my Lil' Man and I.  It may sound like a lot but I think it'll flow nicely.  Remember my schedules are always a work in progress... On some days there may be a reason for our schedule to completely fly out the window and if that's the case... so be it.  I do not stress about keeping to it.  I use it as a guideline for a handful of reasons but the most important being... I've got a large lazy bone in my body and if I don't have a schedule in front of me I'm ashamed to say there may be no getting me off the couch.

So make sure you stick around!  I'm going to have TONS of awesome stuff to share with you right here from ARIZONA!!! Yay!!!

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