Help Cami Hear is a fund that I've created to help raise money for my sister to replace her hearing device, which is vital to her way of life. 

She has Medicare but that only covers 80% of what this hearing device will cost... Leaving her responsible for approximately $1696.00.

Please visit HelpCamiHear for more of her story and to donate.  As we all know... every little bit helps... and even if you cannot give monetarily, which I can definitely understand, forwarding it on and spreading the word will help just as much.

I also want to point out this wonderful website the fundraiser is set up through... As some of you might have noticed I had a different link on my sidebar regarding this same cause.  Well we switched websites because this one would give my sister almost 100% of funds raised taking out only 7% of the total.  The other website we discovered was going to be taking 60% out of each purchase... Yuck!  So we highly recommend if you or a loved one or even a pet is in need of financial assistance due to medical or even funeral expenses... GiveForward is a great way to get the word out. 

Thank you.

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