I'm so excited... I was perusing through the Mountain Rose Herbs website and found a list of Herbal Education resources some of which offer online courses!  It looks like there is a wide range of options from paying $10 per course which you can hand pick to paying $400 for an entire 12 course lesson plan. 

I like the idea of taking things slow and being able to pick specific topics I want to learn about.  My main goal would be to be able to make salves for all the cuts and scrapes I'm sure my little man will get in his toddler years and tinctures we can all take when we're feeling under the weather.  I'll be looking into all the courses available online to see what best fits my needs and maybe start taking a $10 class here and there!  There's also something just so enchanting about going out into your yard and picking a few sprigs of herbs to make teas and herbal remedies for your family... I can't wait!

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