Sewing is one of the items on my homesteading checklist that I'd like to get started on.  The great thing about my checklist is so many things can be done simultaneously... For example I made another loaf of bread today still searching for the perfect recipe and our garden is something we tend to and learn about each and every day. 

Sewing is something I tried to get into many years ago... which means I have all the basic equipment, but what I am missing is the most essential ingredient... FABRIC!  Yes this is quite easy to find but keep in mind, the entire reason why our quest towards homesteading even began was to save money.  So I'm trying to find fabric on the cheap and spend as little as possible... I'm talking counting coins here.  So my son and I are gonna hit the clearance rack at the fabric store... just to see what they have but I'm hoping to find some real steals at the thrift store nearby.  

My first project is inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Homestead Revival (click on her button in my sidebar), who recently posted about making dinner napkins.  I thought this would be a great place to begin!  Yes it will probably be quite simple but the point is that I will be making something my family can use!  And it will lessen the amount of paper towels we use as well!  I can't wait to get started... and I told my husband not to be surprised if while I'm sewing I begin singing... "I Feel Pretty" (From the movie West Side Story).

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