It's almost been exactly one full year that I've been blogging to y'all!  Can you believe it?!  Honestly... I can't!  With the exception of my two month hiatus over the holidays I've kept this blog going for a full year.

These past two weeks I haven't been blogging at all really and hopefully those of you not on my FB page saw on my feed down below that my laptop is on the fritz... and sitting down to a desktop that we have inconveniently located in our tiny little house is a bit difficult with a toddler on the loose.  However in those two weeks this blog has been a constant on my mind... I've honestly been wondering whether or not I should continue it.  Sometimes I feel as though I'm writing to no one, there's times where I've got a huge case of writer's block and can't think of a single thing to tell you.  Then there's times where my husband sends me a text and tells me he read a blog post of mine (without me nagging him to) and says that he loves the way I write.

In realizing tonight that I've made it a year blogging I was inspired to go back over some of my very first posts.  It's amazing the memories that flooded back... some felt like they were just yesterday and others I couldn't believe were only one year ago!  It also made me wonder if there's anyone out there who has been with me the whole time?  Have you been with me since the beginning?  It was during those thoughts where I decided that I do want to keep going...  I mean why not right? I'm still going to be cooking and baking... I'm still going to be homemaking... And our goal is to still create the perfect homestead... one day! 

I'll probably try to spice it up around here... nothing too drastic but maybe a few design and layout features.  Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see that you aren't... I'm not promising anything but definitely feel free to give me your input.  Also tell me what you are loving so I make sure to keep it around!  After all... you are the main reason I'm here!

And just because I can't wait till next Wednesday... I'm gonna leave you with this... My very first line of of laundry... it was everything I imagined it would be!  My son ran around the yard hitting his ball... it was pure bliss! 
By the way it's an optical illusion... the blue sheet isn't actually on the ground :) I have a hilly backyard.
3/16/2012 12:28:35 am

I think I've been reading since very near the beginning. I always enjoy your posts and I'm glad you'll be continuing!

3/16/2012 02:50:14 pm

Thanks for sticking with me Sara! <3

3/16/2012 01:50:18 pm

I love it! Can't wait to see what this year brings!

3/16/2012 02:50:45 pm

Thanks Babe! Love you!


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