Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I'm sitting here watching my son play "baseball/golf" and trying to get back into a normal routine after dropping Grandma off at the airport this weekend.  I am feeling much better and we are still waiting for the results of my biopsy to see what in the world was going on!

I am missing the farm terribly.  It looks like that has come to an end since Grandma has left and no one can watch Cole while I work at the farm.  We are thinking however of sometimes going as a family on any weekend they may need help.  I loved working there and I'm so glad I not only have pictures to remember it by but I'm pretty sure I've made lifelong friends.  Who knows... maybe we'll have neighboring farms one day!

I also have to get back into my cleaning routine... When Grandma is around she likes to take over the cleaning aspect of things and I have the type of mom where if you tell her that's not necessary and that you'll take care of it all she'll feel as though she's not needed.  So I let her do as she pleases and I really do not mind the help... but she's gone back home and it's back to work for me.  I don't mind at all though doing it myself either because although my mother is a big help... there are just some small things I like done my way.  So far today breakfast has been fed, and the kitchen is clean.  Next is some laundry and a shower and then hopefully today I'll be able to get around to preparing some beets to be dehydrated.

It is also a beautiful cloudy day and as soon as the thunder goes away I think a walk in the rain will might be necessary (don't worry I have a rain cover for my little man's stroller...quite convenient actually!).          

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