This past October my husband and I celebrated our 4th anniversary... I know we've still got a long way to go but we've definitely seen our challenges and I'm starting to see how difficult marriage can be and how hard you must work at it... especially when children are involved.  As a homemaker who is able to stay home with our son I am so incredibly grateful for my husband who goes to work every day and works so hard to further his career to ensure that I can always have the position that I have at home.  

Unfortunately it is incredibly difficult to keep this at the forefront of my mind at all times and sometimes (like most wives I assume) I find myself nitpicking my husband's faults.  I could be wrong but I also think homemakers may be a little bit more prone to having "the grass is greener" and "what my life would have been if..." thoughts.  Now if I'm wrong... forgive me... you can just consider this somewhat of a confession post then LOL.  What I'm getting at here is I think it's very important to keep reminding ourselves of all the reasons we are grateful for the men who make it possible for us to have the wonderful gift of keeping house and caring for our children.  

Okay so now I feel like I'm starting to sound like one of those super religious, serve your husbands type bloggers and believe me... I am faaaaaaaaaaaaar from being one of those.  However... and maybe it's the part of me that feels I should have been born in a different era... I feel there is definitely something to that frame of mind.  Sure... my job as homemaker, wife and mother is way more difficult than I ever thought it'd be.  I don't get an hour lunch break nor do I get a 15 min smoke break whenever I feel the need if I were a smoker (which I'm not and neither is my husband.... that was just a weird example that I thought of because I remember my co-workers always going outside for smoking breaks when I worked outside the home).  It is a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year job.  BUT.... because it is part of what I love about being a homemaker... I don't see why and frankly I see it as my duty to have the household clean and supper on the table for my husband when he gets home.  I want him to come home and be proud of the lifestyle he chose and not be secretly wishing he were the homemaker and I was the bread winner.... because frankly... between us... he'd probably be MUCH better at the cleaning part of my job than I am!

Okay so to the point of all this rambling... I'm adding a new feature to the sidebar of my blog and it's going to be called "I Love My Husband Because...".  Here I will list daily or as often as I think of them... all the reasons I love my husband and why he is the man I chose to marry.  I consider it almost a type of therapy for myself... If I make it a point daily to write (or type) something positive about my husband that I love... I imagine those thoughts will win the battle over any negative thoughts I may be thinking and will, in turn, make our relationship better and lessen my nagging.   

I hope this doesn't sound silly... but I feel it is something that will really be beneficial for us.  My husband tells me every day all day long why and how much he loves me.  I think it's my turn to do the same.  
3/29/2012 08:35:22 pm

I just wanted to tell you that i absolutely love reading your blog! i stumbled onto it this morning while i was looking for homemaker blogs, etc as i just became a FT sahm/homemaker. So, i just wanted to say thanks for blogging! your blog is now in my favorites bar!

Linda Leigh @ My Magick Apron
3/30/2012 03:44:46 am

Welcome Jane!! I'm so glad to have you here and CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a full time Homemaker!! Some days you will feel crazy and ask yourself WHY you chose to do this but then the very next day, and sometimes even the next hour, you will LOVE IT!! I write for you guys so please let me know Jane if ever there is something you are hoping to see and don't! If I have knowledge of it I'll be glad to add it!!! I know most new homemakers wonder about schedules and although I've written several times on this subject... I have yet to find one that sticks so I think another post will be coming up soon about this very thing bec I think I might have found it this time! I hope you stick around! :)


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