As someone who considers herself quite old fashioned, I absolutely love folklore... especially when it comes to the home and kitchen.  So here's some magickal folklore I found in an adorable book called Cottage Witchery.  Enjoy!

Money is on the way if; Bubbles appear in your coffee cup, you knock over the sugar bowl, rice forms a ring around the cooking pot, and if tea leaves float to the top of your cup.

A visitor is coming to visit if cutlery or a broom drops to the floor.

If you drop a glass and it does not break it's a sign of true and trustworthy friends.

Keeping a broom propped up against the door frame keeps all troublesome family members or unwanted visitors out.

You can also scatter mustard seeds across the threshold to keep out unwanted guests.  Burying mustard seeds under your doorway or porch will keep away spirits. 

In cooking and baking stir clockwise to increase and pull positive things into your life and stir counterclockwise to remove obstacles and negativity. 

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