It really is!  And I learned that yesterday at the Farmer's Expo... all around me I had vegetables, herbs, flour, salsa's, ketchup, jams and jellies all of which were created by amazing people from fruits, vegetables and grains that they produced with their own two hands with the beautiful thing we call our earth for help.

The most exciting part of the day was meeting the farm where we will be getting our CSA share from.  They were an incredibly nice couple whose children and grandchildren help out with their farm.  The husband told me how they just put potatoes in the ground and how the green onions were just popping up!  The wife said to my son "We're growing your yummy vegetables!" and at that very moment is when I felt the magic.  What a miraculous wonder... my son, my husband and I will flourish on these wonderful nutrients that will be brought to our table straight from the soil.  How wondrous!

~Be Magical!

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