So here is my first attempt at trying to make a Mickey Mouse pancake! Hey not bad for my first try right?  At least my son has nothing to compare it to... he thought it was just as yummy as the others. 

This morning I added bananas into the batter... Delicious!  I think I'll try this with whatever I may have on hand every once in while but hanging on to the classic is just as yummy too. 

My newly discovered pancake magic has become somewhat of curse as it is a blessing... I can't seem to get my son to eat anything else!  Of course I do have to account for the fact that he is not well right now... but yesterday and today he ate... well... pancakes.  I just have to keep repeating to myself... they are whole grain, they have bananas, they are whole grain, they have bananas.  I'm really hoping that as he returns to a normal state of health that his appetite for a wide variety of foods returns as well.

I attempted to try out his taste buds with this adorable "Chick"en and cream cheese sandwich.  He was not a happy camper!  He just tore it into pieces and as a desperate measure I gave him a little dollop of yogurt for him to dip the pieces in and I thought that did it but he just proceeded to suck the yogurt off each piece.  So... I can make a little bit of magic... Miracles... I'm not so good at ;). 

In other news... I'm definitely hoping more magic comes my way.  My mother is leaving us to go back home after having been here for a few months.  The help she has given to us has been nothing short of AMAZING and all three of us, in addition to our furbabies... will miss her terribly.  Hopefully it won't be too long before she returns to us. 

~ Be Magical!

Daniela Andresen
4/15/2011 12:48:25 pm

I love your MIckey Mouse pancakes! I have a heart and cow pancake mold but it never really turns out great! Happy baking =)


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