I've posted in the past about menu planning for your family... Well we are still doing it and it's working GREAT for us and saving quite a bit of money.  The way we do it is MUCH more simplified than I think the way most people do it.  We have a different meal for each day of the week and just continue that exact week throughout the whole month... So basically we what we have is the following:


Veggie Fajitas w/ Beans & Rice


Veggie Tacos w/ Leftover Rice


Black Bean & Caramelized Onion Quesadillas


Spaghetti w/ Salad and Bread




Grilled Veggie Sandwiches w/ Chips & Baked Beans


Mushroom Stroganoff w/ a Potato Dish
For the most part we've kept each month the same... which I know some people would consider somewhat boring but our goal is mainly saving money.  Month to month we may change a meal or two but for the most part we enjoy what we have planned out!  Another benefit to keeping the same meals week to week we can buy in bulk at Costco and things last well into two months most of the time with the occasional weekly trip to the store for the fresh ingredients.  Oh and on Fridays we usually make some yummy and sweet baked goods for weekend desserts.  This method works for us and we love it! 

However... if you want more variety I found this EXCELLENT blog where she not only plans an entire week of menus for you but she also gives you the shopping list for that week as well!!  When money is better for us to where we can change our menu on a weekly basis I'll definitely be using this method, although I will probably be throwing most of my own recipes in there.  For those of you who would do the same she has a cute printable to write out the week's menu and shopping list.  I haven't tried any yet but when we do decide to switch up a meal or two I'll probably look on her list of recipes to see what she has!  So here's the blog for those of you who just want all the planning done for you!  A great idea!  Oh... and on a side note... a friend of mine takes a couple of days (typically a weekend) and cooks up the weeks meals and freezes them.  This is very intriguing and I may try this after doing some more research! I'll definitely share with you if I do!
4/12/2012 05:08:19 am

I remember reading about your menu planning a while ago and thought it was awesome then and still is now! You mentioned toward the end of this post that you have a friend who makes meals and freezes them and I thought I'd let you know that I've been doing that for years. At ALL times, we have home cooked meals in our freezer for those nights when we have something going or I just don't feel like cooking. It's awesome because I can make a huge meal (i.e., soups, lasagna, casseroles, etc.), the three of us eat some, and then I make individual portions and freeze them for future dinners. I have found that over time, it helps us save money because we aren't wasting leftovers or ingredients. And, it's a time saver on so many levels. If it's ever something you are considering doing, I think you'd love it. Oh and P.S. I also make big batches of egg casseroles, rice/quinoa, corn casserole, etc. and also keep that in our freezer so that it is ready to go. :-)

Linda Leigh @ My Magick Apron
4/13/2012 12:10:47 am

Oh Lindsay I would LOVE some of your freezer recipes!! I'm very intrigued by that!! How simple it would be to just take something out of the freezer throw it on the stove! I'm excited to do more research on it!!


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