This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!  I went to a mom's group meeting last night, which I was dreading but ended up being very glad I went... and there was a mom there who I really hit it off with and we seemed to have a lot of things in common.  We found out we live very close to each other and are both homemakers... so what does she do?  She whips out her Mommy Card with all her info on it!!!  I was so impressed that as soon as I got home I designed mine online at Kodak Gallery!  I'm waiting to see if I can find a coupon code so I get a discount but I'm so excited!  I think these are a great idea!  Especially when you are new to town or either new to motherhood or homemaking... it's so hard to meet other women who share the same type of lifestyle you do and frankly it's a bit awkward asking for people's info!  So here's the solution!  You hit it off with another mommy and bam.... "Here's my card... we should get the kids together".  This may sound strange to some but for those of you who have been stuck in the house for too many sunny days wishing there was another mama out there who shared the same day to day challenges that you could just talk to... These are heaven sent!

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