Isn't it beautiful!? It's my new medicine cabinet! I didn't have a designated area for medicines and vitamins... We had them in the herb cabinet which was fitting since I use herbs medicinally as well... But hubby has some big 'ol fat bottles of men's vitamins, fish oil... My lil man has his gummie vitamins... And like I've said before we aren't against modern day medicine so I have the few basics like Children's Tylenol, regular Tylenol, Excedrin (yuck!) and arthritis relief. Those last two are for grandma who always chooses them no matter how much I offer her my herbal remedies.

I also want to be accommodating to my guests... Not everyone knows that I use herbs and even those who do... They aren't all believers. So if someone comes over and ask for Tylenol for a headache... I want to be able to accommodate them.

So anyway... I didn't like seeing all those mainstream meds sitting in my herb cabinet alongside my pretty mason jars of herbs and teas. So I found this beautiful cabinet and guess what was the first thing it reminded me of? Anne of Green Gables!!! Remember the scene where Diana runs to Anne's house because her little sister is horribly sick... Anne runs back with her and they go to this little cabinet hung on the wall filled with dark glass bottles and she grabs the epicac. Of course as I just mentioned it won't be filled with dark glass bottles since its for all the over the counter stuff but it DID inspire me to start making tinctures! One shelf for OTC stuff and the other shelf for awesome dark glass bottles! (By the way Anne saved the little sister... In case you haven't seen the movie).

1/29/2014 03:57:58 pm

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