Okay so I know the picture is quite silly but I had to document my very first bite of a wild raspberry.  I need to give full credit to my darling husband on this one because I would have no idea how to recognize any wild fruit that was edible.  He however recognized from a distance the green foliage of a raspberry bush and ran over to pick all of us some raspberries. 

I am so glad my husband has had experience in picking and eating wild berries and we are both anxious to learn more.  We can't wait to be on our own land and be able to to pick edible wild herbs and berries. 

We also experienced something not so fun... ticks. Yuck!  Grandma is the one who ended up finding a couple latched on her leg the next morning.  This was definitely a learning experience for us we are all from the desert... Where I've never seen of or even heard of a tick my entire life even with having dogs.  Yeah... I'm realizing how lucky we were!!

So... knowing that our future will be in the type of environment where ticks and other yucky pests thrive... I began researching natural tick repellents for my family... In doing this I also discovered that there is a natural tick repellent for our puppy as well!  There are quite a few recipes to choose from but I've narrowed it down to one for my family.  As far as for our puppy... I've been reading that a few drops of rose geranium essential oil on the collar is all you need!!

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