My husband... a combat war veteran who served two tours in Iraq, shared something with me tonight about the time in which he served.  It was not easy for him to say the words but he obviously needed to express his feelings.  He didn't really show much emotion... he kept it very casual and conversational, treading lightly gauging my reaction.  It wasn't regarding what you might initially assume and although I know there are specific memories that burrow in his heart and mind, we have sort of an unspoken agreement that I will never ask, but if and when he's ready I will listen.

I cannot touch on what he shared with me because I want this blog to remain unbiased for all who visit and I believe each individual has a right to their own beliefs and opinions... all are welcome here.  But my heart ached for him during this conversation.  I wanted to take all of it away and toss it into a black hole.  I wanted to channel the pain from his heart to mine so he could be without it forever or be able to feel the wholesome innocence of child if only for a moment.  I secretly fought tears away knowing I could do none of those things.  

My husband lost many friends during his two tours.  This Memorial weekend I will keep those soldiers in my heart and prayers and although I never knew them I will remember them... for my soldier remembers... every day of his life.

~ Be Magickal!

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