A dear friend of mine back in Arizona sent me a message on Facebook telling me she was looking through a magazine that reminded her of me... Well of course I had to check it out and lo' and behold I LOVE IT!!  The issue you are seeing to the left is the issue I picked up from Barnes and Noble... It seriously does have recommendations for "Girl-Friendly Chain Saws"! It might be a while before I buy myself a chain saw but I'll definitely become a subscriber to this magazine in the future when money allows. 

Mary Jane is a farmer in Idaho who also has two retail stores, and a bed and breakfast!  I'd LOVE to visit her farm one day! 

So a big thanks to my friend L for being a great friend who knows me so well even though we are miles apart.  Oh and speaking of... She's an incredibly talented mama herself!! Check out her Etsy shop Kisses and Kings!!

8/5/2011 06:37:50 am

Missing you very much,wish you and I were closer.

8/5/2011 06:57:25 am

Missing you too!! <3


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