"I simply remember my favorite things... and then I don't feeeeeel...." Oh!  Sorry.... Am I the only one who breaks into song every time I hear the phrase "My Favorite Things"? 

So anyway... A very kind and dear friend of mine came to my rescue!  She saw a Facebook post of mine complaining about how I always seem to misplace my crochet hooks!  Well a couple of weeks later what do I find in my mailbox??  A beautiful handmade crochet hook organizer!!  Isn't it beautiful!  It is absolutely perfect.  I was overcome with gratefulness and love.  I'm not sure I've ever received a more kind and thoughtful gift.  I can't say thank you enough!  To know that my friend took the time to sew something so beautifully together that served such a great and useful purpose.  Every time I look at it I smile... "and then I don't feeeeel soooooo baaaad!"  ;)

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