First off I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's weekend!  We had a great mini staycation and even though we stayed in town and it was only for one night I still have to work on getting back in the swing of things!!  Grandma is also in town for a while so our schedule always takes a bit of adjusting when she first arrives.  So tomorrow it's back to the grindstone!

This weekend we discovered my newest favorite thing!  First off let me 'splain... I love candles... and for a while now I have been trying to find more and more options for Soy candles as well as Beeswax candles.  They are natural and better in so many ways such as a cleaner and longer burn... etc.  I found some Beeswax candles and have actually ordered some but they are SO expensive and frankly I was not happy with how quickly they burned!  So I have been contemplating on ordering some Soy candles but just haven't gotten around to it.    On my birthday my husband took me to this cute little eclectic shop filled with books, jewelry, artwork, etc... and as we were looking around some candles caught my eye!  They were beautiful and very reasonably priced and I said to my husband... "Too bad they aren't soy".  Then we turned the little carousel they were displayed on and saw a sign stating that they were Palm Wax candles.  Palm Wax?  I had no clue... I had never heard of it, so I took the little description sheet that they had displayed and was OVERCOME with joy!

Palm wax candles from Aloha Bay are 100% natural unlike soy, which I was unaware of.  "Soy wax is most often a blend of waxes (soy, palm, & beeswax) that can contain as little as 25% soy oil. All soy wax is chemically distilled, with synthetic additives and mostly from GMO seed."  They are beautiful, burn MUCH longer and BRIGHTER and I am so excited to have found something of such quality for such a reasonable price.  Much cheaper than Beeswax candles.  They have more information than I could ever post here so please take a look at their website for more information and other products.  They seem to be a great company that care a great deal for our earth.

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