The Ziploc Vacuum is now one of my new favorite things!!  I have wanted a vacuum sealer for quite some time now but I've avoided getting one because of their price.  Well... this weekend we did our grocery shopping for our month's menu and I wanted to try freezing some prep work (chopped up vegetables) as a lot of my friends do.  So I went ahead and bought some vegetables in bulk at Costco and then we went to Walmart for some other essentials and I went to go get some freezer bags knowing I was going to freeze some veggies.

Well on the bottom shelf this Ziploc Vacuum caught my eye!  I had not heard of it nor have I seen a single commercial for it.  I honestly have no idea how long it's even been out but because it was so inexpensive my husband suggested I give it a try because I was so excited about it.  So we brought it home and I immediately began chopping.  I cannot believe how easy using this thing is!!!  Take a look!

I chopped up my mushrooms...
Pulled out a bag... they look just a tiny bit different than the normal ones.
I put the mushrooms in the bag and sealed it like normal at the top.  Then you just put the little pump on the big blue circle and start pumping...
And Voila!  It sucked all the air out of the bags and the mushrooms were so tightly vacuum sealed... I couldn't imagine a machine doing any better!  Not to mention... you get a tiny workout!! :)

Now I'm not saying I don't still want a vacuum sealer one day... the reason I wanted one in the first place was because I saw an idea on Pinterest on how you put chopped up lettuce in jars and then vacuum seal them shut and the lettuce stays fresh and crisp WAY longer than normal.  So for that specific purpose I'd still like one but for everything else... this little hand pump works wonders!! 

I was concerned with the whole freezing in plastic so I DID do some research.  I could not find any red flags for doing so... especially when you're putting room temperature or slightly chilled items into the bags and not hot items.  Also... Ziploc is my go to brand because on each package they specifically state that their products are BPA free! 

So with this new method of mine I see a lot less work for me during the week when I begin dinner, a lot less middle of the week grocery runs for one or two fresh items that we need to complete dinner, and a lot less food being wasted!!! I LOVE it!!!
9/10/2012 04:49:12 am

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