I'm so super excited about my new favorite thing!! It's a new DSLR camera!! For my birthday back in February my husband treated me to a new Nikon digital camera... Well a friend helped me realize that for just a little bit more money I could get my hands on a DSLR. So I took her advice and exchanged the Coolpix digital camera for the Nikon D3100!!

Here's the thing... Too often we hear how people own their DSLR but have no clue how to use it. Well I do not want to be one of those people... I want to learn everything I can about my camera!! I have ALWAYS been interested in photography although I've never ha any direction whatsoever. One day I hope to take some classes but until then... I have a plan.

Recently I've discovered a few photographer friends of mine posting photo challenge photos... Where they a list of key words for each day of the month directing them on the type of photo to take. Most of the time I see these photo challenge linked to groups like Instagram, blogs, etc... I decided to start a photo challenge just for myself... To learn more about my camera each day and to spark my creativity.

So I found a photo challenge list on Pinterest and began my personal photo challenge journey yesterday on June 1st. "Borrowed" waste first challenge word and this was the result...

I'm already having tons of fun with this project and I know I'm going to learn tons about my camera by doing this. Tune into Facebook for the rest of my photo challenge pics. I'll be sharing MOST of them on there (or at least the good ones).


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