Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?  I cannot even begin to explain how much joy this new wooden heart spoon that my mother brought as a gift for me brings to me.  I know, I know... I sound silly right?  But I'm completely serious.  I smile every time I see it and as crazy as it sounds I think this spoon symbolizes me and how I feel when I am in my kitchen. 

Love, the earth and all it's elements, making a meal, tasting that meal, bringing together family, charm and magick... I see all of these things when I look at this spoon.  All of those things are what I hope to create and be while I am in my kitchen and in my home. 

Tonight I decided to come up with a chili recipe... I never knew ingredients to chili could cause such a debate!  Beans, no beans, pasta, no pasta, real meat, veggie meat... PHEW!  A friend of mine told me earlier this evening that she believed chili to be a very personal thing and that every person has their own way of making it.  This couldn't be more true. 

So no matter what you call it... we'll call it chili round these parts... my chili was made with love, a touch of magick, and everything else my new wooden spoon brought to the pot.  It was a perfect heartwarming meal in which to initiate my new favorite spoon and I would love to share it with you. 

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