I find it funny that one of the toughest decisions I have to make on a day to day basis as a homemaker is what to do during nap time.  Do I clean, eat, relax, blog, or nap as well?  I usually take the opportunity to do things I can't usually do with my son awake and that is sit back and relax and maybe surf the internet with the tv on.  

So today as I was perusing through other blogs during nap time I came across one named Time-Warp Wife.  It's a religious based blog written by Darlene Schacht.  Now my family and I are more of a spiritual family than we are a religious one, so although I may not agree with or believe a lot of what she posts, she has great information regarding homemaking, being a housewife and being a mother.  She offers some links to these topics which I posted below.  So no matter what you believe, if you love being a homemaker, which I'm assuming you do if you are here :)...  Then check out these links and maybe you'll be able to take a little more from it as well, if you so choose. 

"All religions must be tolerated... For every man must get to heaven in his own way" ~Epictetus

~ Be Magical!  
Angel Young
5/16/2011 11:36:01 am

This blog truely surprised me, because everyday I am faced with the same decision at nap time. And most days I choose to relax, sit for a moment, even nap. Most days I also lecture myself that I waste this time. That there is no way Linda would be wasting this time. She would be doing something "magical" for her family and home. I think you are amazing. You inspire me, and motivate me everyday.... even after you just admitted that you are human and need time to relax too. Keep up the great work

5/16/2011 01:46:57 pm

Always relax when you can! A rested mommy is a happy mommy and that's the best magical gift you can give to your children. HUGS!


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