My husband has been making some over night trips here and there, so my little monster and I have been spending a lot of quality time together recently... Just him and I.  He is growing so fast and he is soaking up absolutely everything around him.  I couldn't be more proud of him... He's beginning to form sentences that just melt my heart like "No phone mommy!" and "No bness mommy! No bness!" which is his version of No Business.... which is what I tell him I'm doing when I'm doing important things like budgeting or I don't know... ahem... blogging... ahem.  Of course when he does this my heart goes pitty pat and I stop whatever I'm doing and scoop him up into my arms and give him tickle kisses. 

The time when my husband and I agreed we would start trying for our second is quickly coming upon us and I have to admit I am wishing the clock would stop.  So much of my heart feels like why... when my monster and I are in perfect harmony... would we do something to change that?  I ache a bit on the inside when I think of another baby coming in and taking away these precious moments my son and I share together.  But when I give it a moment... I realize... there's so much love overflowing from both my son's and my hearts... why wouldn't we share it with another?

My little man is so incredibly smart, I can see him teaching his baby sibling all that he knows and being so incredibly helpful.  I can see him showering his baby sibling with not only love but kisses, lessons, and advice.  In fact when I see what he has to offer, it's then that I think to myself... how could I not give this son of mine a brother or a sister.  He was born to be a big brother... he has all the makings of the smart, strong, protective and loving older brother that so many who never had one wish they did.

I also realized that all that overflowing love I have felt for my son is being locked up and treasured... waiting to be released so that it can shower over our next child who will be loved just as much.  For that is what a mother's heart is made out of... endless magickal love for ALL her children.

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