So lately my almost two year old has been on a major food strike.  It is so incredibly discouraging when our children won't eat isn't it?  Who knew getting our babies to eat would be one of the most challenging parts of raising kids.  I certainly didn't.  And then there's the added stress of making sure what they do eat is healthy! 

My son's diet currently consists of bread, beans, waffles, peanut butter, and cheese quesadillas.... and no I can't hide things in the quesadilla because somehow, and don't ask me how, but somehow he will know, he will inspect the quesadilla and refuse to eat it if there is ANYTHING other than cheese in between those tortillas.  Granted, all of those things are whole grain and organic where I can make it happen.  And I must admit... He does occasionally get his McDonald's french fries because I do not believe on being on the extreme side of anything and a treat every now and then is okay to us.  But there's not a single veggie that I can get him to eat or even a piece of fruit.

This morning I hit bottom on my discouragement scale.  He spit out and refused the eggs that he was eating so well every morning for the past few months.  Eggs were my savior... the "incredible edible egg" was always something I could turn to and it was delicious and nutritious for my boy.  If he didn't eat anything all day but eggs I was still satisfied.  But as of this morning eggs no longer make the cut and I was practically in tears.  I messaged my group of mom friends, revealing I was in complete distress and at a loss of what to do.  The sweet women that they are, all assured me that this is completely normal, common and by no means any fault of mine.  And they are right!  It's only my love and concern for my son and his health that makes this such a difficult thing to deal with.  I provide him with all the love I possibly can and with a wonderful loving, supportive environment to thrive and grow in. 

This is definitely not the end of the world and although I am anxious for the day where my son eats and enjoys a well balanced and delicious meal... or heck even his mama's spaghetti... For now I will be patient and I will just keep trying.  As soon as I'm done typing this I'm thinking of making a fruit AND veggie smoothie and see where that takes us!  My main reason for writing out my feelings today about this topic is so that any other mama's out there who are experiencing this or perhaps are about to embark on "solids" with their little one's... can be reminded that this is all simply just a phase, although it may last a while, and to not lose faith and that being concerned just means you are a great mom.  Be patient and keep trying.  We will all get to the point in our babies lives where they won't be babies anymore and we'll be wondering where in the world they are putting all the food that you swore you just bought.

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