Okay so without being on the farm I don't have a lot of pictures to post lately so we're just going to go with a normal post today.  As you saw from yesterday's post I'm working on getting ready daily so I can feel pretty and good about myself.  I think this is of great importance... especially to homemakers, housewives, stay at home mom's, whatever you call yourself... So here's another tip that some of you may or may not like...

I'm the youngest in my family... two sisters and one brother make four of us.  There is such a wide gap between my oldest sister and I that we actually never even lived together.  So it was left up to my other sister to bear the brunt of my admiration... you know... the whole mimicking, following around, and going into her room whence she forbid me to do so.  There was this one thing this sister of mine did that I always found a bit strange but it seemed to work perfect for her.  In the beginning of the week or so... she would paint her toenails... now she had pretty bad eyesight as do I and painting our toenails was something we could never perfect.  So what did she do?  She threw perfection straight out the window...

My sister would paint her toenails with no regard for being neat and "keeping between the lines" if you will.  She just painted them messily getting the polish on her skin... all she did carefully was make sure the nail was covered in polish evenly.  Her strategy behind this craziness was that with each shower every day for the rest of the week the nail polish would come off her skin around her nails and by the time Friday night came... She'd have perfectly painted toenails!

Does it work?  Well enough for me!  I didn't use a dark color which might of course make a bit of a difference but I used a pink nail polish... just spread it on not worrying about where it was going, just making sure to get it on my nail and a couple of days (showers) later... Perfectly painted toenails!  I feel so pretty!! 

Give it a try... it might just work for you too!
8/25/2011 04:01:02 am

Oh my gosh, that's exactly how I paint my toenails. Now I go get pedicures, but if and when I do paint them, it's all over the place. :-)

8/25/2011 11:17:44 am

Yay Lindsay! I'm so glad!

8/31/2011 12:32:04 am

TEE HEE I do the same thing also, but I will take a min in the shower the next morning and get the polish off my skin.


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