Along with learning to homestead we are also learning more about being "Prepared" for emergency type situations that could leave us without the use of electricity, communication, etc.  Food, water, First Aid and clothing are normally the main checklist items, but there a tons of other ways to be prepared.  I've been wanting to participate in the Homestead Revival's Preparedness Challenge and since something happened to me yesterday that made me think of another way to be prepared, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to jump in.

Yesterday I discovered that I had accidentally thrown something away of great importance to my mother.  It was in a bag that I mistook for garbage in our garage.  My mother has a way of putting things in certain types of bags because it's easier for her and it works for her.  My mother is a very successful and smart woman and raised four children all on her own... so I have never and will never question her methods.  I simply feel as though I don't have any right to.  But the fact that this happened has made me think long and hard about how unorganized I am and how it's very possible the same thing could've happened to me.  I further thought, what if we were hit with a natural disaster?  Sure we'd have food, water, first aid etc... but If I had to go through a damaged home like they are having to do in Joplin, MO... I would have no idea what was where and what I lost because I am no where near as organized as I should be.  I have absolutely no excuse either... I have a filing cabinet for documents, I have containers, label makers, etc... the means to be 100% organized.  So today I begin.

I do not expect to be done by this weekend but I am very motivated to make it happen.  Little by little I will get rid of piles of paperwork that aren't necessary to keep and file what is important away and I will have a place for everything.  Something else I'm going to do that I saw on the news last night is make a video of your home documenting your belongings.  I thought this was a great idea!  They went as far as telling us to document the types of floors you had and any upgrades you made to your home inside and out... even something like a concrete driveway.  They advised that taking any type of video... even if it was on your smartphone is good enough and to make sure and store it somewhere online or at another location preferably out of town so it can always be accessible.

So I think after I am able to check "Being Organized" off my list, I will feel a lot more "Prepared".  Think about some of your important documents or valued belongings... do you know where they are?  If you needed anything like that tomorrow could you go straight to where it's at and grab it?  Or would you spend hours or even days looking for it.  You don't have to do it all in one day... just take those first things that pop into your head, create a place for them and keep them there.  Don't forget... taking a video documentary of your home is a great idea for anyone!
~ Be Magickal!
5/26/2011 04:46:10 am

So sad what happened to Joplin... I hadn't thought about making a video of my house. That's smart! Not just for tornadoes either. That is smart for a fire, earthquake, or anything that could trash your house!

5/27/2011 07:40:13 am

I agree! It's a smart thing to do for many reasons!! Thanks for reading!

5/28/2011 02:50:42 am

Ohhhhhh, this is soooooo good! I consider myself fairly organized, but there are areas that are drastically lacking! Thank you for reminding me that I need to get on this asap!

1/9/2012 12:30:55 am

Hi Linda, being the beginning of the year, I'm thinking along these lines (reorganizing necessities, setting up a seed-saving system, AND preparedness), and I was wondering, since you wrote this some time back, about getting an UPDATE on your progress and what you've done about storing your most important prep stuff. I'm new to farmy things and to the concept of prepping, (though we were always ready for earthquakes when we lived in California, and the car was stocked for being stuck on the freeways)... I'd love to see what systems you have or put in place.
Regarding Joplin, MO and any other of the various weather devastations that happen- if you have everything all in one place, and that place is flooded or wiped off the map- then what?

1/25/2012 01:31:52 pm

Hi Laureli... First... I LOVE your name! Second... I'm so sorry for not responding to your question sooner!! I obviously need to make some changes in my settings because I had not been notified that I was getting comments!! So... on to your question... You have actually inspired me to post again on this topic which I will do after gathering what I need. We recently moved across town into a house with no basement!! So I am re-assessing our preparedness plan. However in the last house (where we were when I wrote this post) I had everything in those plastic tubs with lids, that you can get at Walmart, all in the basement in one section by themselves so not to get confused or mixed up with other non-emergency items. Thank you for your question and I am not on a new quest for ways to be prepared for a disaster in situations like our new digs where there is no basement! So standby and I'm so glad to have you here!!


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