For those of you who didn't see my Facebook feed update we were able to visit an alpaca farm yesterday!!! It was SO much fun and so incredibly informative!  I know I've said it already but if you are thinking of getting some farm animals and have never owned the breed of animal you are considering... I highly recommend going to visit a farm with those animals.  This couple who had these alpacas were so kind and answered all of our questions no matter how small they were and urged us to keep contact with them and continue to ask questions... which we definitely plan on doing!!

Now on to the alpacas!! They were ADORABLE!!!  So entertaining, so beautiful and magickal... we know for sure now that we want to own a few someday.  I know we have a whole lot more to learn but just from what the farmers told us, they are fairly easy to maintain.  Especially when we want so few and not a large herd.  They eat hay and pellets twice a day, get sheared once a year and at the same time get their teeth filed and twice a year they get their nails trimmed.  They aren't cuddly towards their humans but that's exactly how it should be.  If you love on an alpaca too much when they are a baby, they could possibly grow up not being able to tell the difference between you and another alpaca and would treat you as such which could be dangerous.  So... don't expect cuddly creatures but they sure aren't that shy either! They came right up to us and ate right out of our hands when they gave us pellets.

We had a great time and we've made some new friends that are willing to help us understand the ropes in all areas from owning land to owning alpacas.  We are so grateful that there are such kind and caring people out there willing to help amateurs like us!  Take a look at this video of the alpacas!

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