The time has come to plan out our very first garden!!  We've had plenty of container gardens in the past but this year we're taking advantage of our large yard and we're going to attempt a couple of raised garden beds!

Now some of you might give a tiny chuckle to our drawings and such but we're beginners... so don't expect too much!  We've already prepared journal in which we will write down all of the do's and don'ts that we learn this year to have a more successful garden in the Spring of 2013!  

The most important part about planning a garden in my opinion is planning what you are going to plant.  For our first garden we are basically creating a menu!  It will be a list of what we find ourselves eating on a daily basis and what foods we just can't seem to live without!  That way... if we are successful this year fresh vegetables won't go to waste just because we we're experimenting.  Our list contains what we love most which includes spinach,, different varieties of squash, garlic, onions, LOTS of tomatoes and LOTS of herbs!

So make sure if you're planning a vegetable garden for the first time... include items that you know you're going to eat... items you always go to the market for.  We're excited to see what will emerge and what will not... either way it's exciting and I can't wait to break ground!

Lindsay Binder
2/25/2012 08:32:45 am

I am so excited that you are going to have raised garden beds this summer. Gardening is SO much fun and the rewards are awesome. We currently have 4 raised beds and Andy is building our 5th bed as I type this. Let me know if you have any questions about gardening. :-)

3/16/2012 03:31:40 pm

Thanks Lindsay!! I've been keeping an eye out on our yard and I'm starting to worry that it won't be getting enough sunlight! We have very large trees shading the majority of the yard!! Gotta start thinking of what I can do!


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