Yay!! I'm so excited to start participating again in the Homestead Revival's Preparedness Challenge!  It's the perfect timing too... We have moved into another rental house with no basement and we need to re-think our tornado preparedness plan.

So let's just get down to business shall we?  The following lays out our family's plan in case of a tornado warning.

Emergency Kit (to be kept in the bathroom):
3 gallons of water
First Aid Kit
Helmet for our son
Jar of Peanut butter

If there is a tornado WATCH prepare bathroom with:
Weather radio
Large couch cushion
Line bathtub with a blanket and pillows
Bag of building blocks for our son
Additional Snacks, water bottle for our son
Take helmet out of emergency kit and place into the bathtub
Put cats in crate and into the bathroom

If there is a tornado WARNING we will:
Gather in the bathroom 
Put helmet on our son
Our son can play with blocks in the bathtub
If it's nighttime we can lay our son in the bathtub with blankets and pillows
TRY and bring our pup into the bathroom with us

If a tornado TOUCHES DOWN:
All of us into the bathtub
Mommy shelters boy
Daddy shelters mommy
Daddy pulls large couch cushion over all three of us

My husband and I are very happy with this plan and hope that it won't need to be utilized too much.  We live in a large county where if there is a tornado warning and sirens are going off it still may be several miles away from us... hence the building blocks for our son.  I remember last year having to be down in our basement for a while as sirens were going off but nothing of course ever came near us.  Now that our son is older I know he will be bored during those times and I figure building blocks will keep his mind off the fact that he has to be sitting in a tub with no water just waiting. 

As of right now we only have one helmet for our son that we found for $2 at the thrift store... Our plan is to keep an eye out for more for my husband and I.  This is our son's helmet...
I hope our plan could help some of you think about what your plans are... especially if you do not have basements.  Feel free to make any suggestions as we are new to tornadoes and easily may have missed something. 

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1/29/2012 12:22:25 pm

Just a thought - you might want to come up with a soft toy option - those blocks could do some damage if you were actually hit with a tornado. Otherwise your plan sounds great.

1/29/2012 10:26:35 pm

You know... this thought crossed my mind for a moment as my husband and I were coming up with the plan and your comment definitely confirmed it... I'll come up with some soft toy options now! Thank you!

1/30/2012 05:24:27 am

Maybe some extra batteries for the radio and the flashlight.


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