The definition of reminisce is to indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.  Enjoyable recollection... Hmm... It seems the more enjoyable the recollection, the more tears I cry and the stronger I feel that nostalgic ache.  Can you think of something that makes you feel that way?  I could probably come up with many but the most powerful one for me, and I would guess that it's the same for others, is music.  Country music more specifically in my case.

When I was younger I used to dream about being in a country music video... I loved watching those more than anything else on TV.  I absolutely LOVED country music.  I still do, but it's definitely changed since I was younger. Tonight I was reminiscing about all the time I spent as a teenager watching music videos and singing along, writing down the lyrics so I could memorize them and standing in front of the mirror singing them out loud.  I decided to look up some old videos on youtube and one thing led to another and by the end of my trip down memory lane I was in tears and longing for that time... all the feelings of love and passion... all the dreams I had. That's what country music does to me.  That's what music alone does to many people... It's amazing how much power it has isn't it?  

Even though it brought tears and longing for a time that once was and is no more... I think it lifted my spirit in a way nothing else could.  Sometimes a good cry is what we need.  Sometimes remembering is necessary.  I've never believed it to be a good thing to dwell in the past, but to dwell is not what I advise.  Simply let your heart and mind drift by certain moments... moments that will remind you of something that brought you joy and love.  Recharge your spirit... take the energy it gives you and apply it to your life right now.  Feed your soul and move on.  

~ Be Magical!

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