Singing and dancing... those are two things that I used to LOVE to do all the time.  Doing either or even both at the same time would make my soul feel like this picture... FREE! I realized I don't sing and dance like I used to... not at all actually.  Now I'm not talking recital type singing and dancing... I'm talking about in the shower belting out tunes along with the music, holding the hairbrush up to your mouth as your microphone, and dancing like crazy knowing not a soul was watching throughout your house.  That is what I used to love to do... and I'm not talking as a kid either! LOL!

As I sat down to think about why I don't do this anymore I couldn't come up with any good answers.  Okay so since the last time I've done this I've gotten married, became a homemaker, became a mother... None of which were good enough reasons.  If anything... those things give me MORE of a reason to do what makes me feel good.  Another way to describe what I'm trying to explain is... What brings out the kid in you?  I've known far too many people who have suppressed the child in them far too early.  I think the reason they do this is they possibly confuse the child within them with immaturity.  I personally don't think there is anything immature about shining your inner light.

So... do you remember what your passions are?  No matter how silly?  Do you remember what ignites your inner light?  Even if it's something that makes you feel silly or even if it's something as simple as a hobby.  Prioritize those things into your life again if you've let them go.  Dance, sing, draw, paint, read... whatever frees your soul...  ESPECIALLY if you have children!  Teach them there's nothing wrong with keeping your inner child alive... there's nothing wrong with shining bright!

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