This was a saying on a billboard I once saw back in Arizona as I was driving.  It really made me think... not to mention... slow down.  I also read a post recently at Homestead Revival about recovering lost skills and it mentioned having smaller goals and doing things one at a time.  Both of these made me think about a lot of things.  I have to admit I do sometimes feel overwhelmed and I think when you take on too much all at once you are less likely to succeed.  I felt a bit like this after making A Homemaker's Daily Schedule so I made a few changes to there that I think will really make a difference.

Keep this in mind when you are working towards something.  You don't have to instantly know how to do something or form a good habit within 24 hours to feel successful or to be good at something.  It takes hard work and commitment and you can't forget to have fun in the process!  I know that in my ultimate goal of having a farm there is no way we will be successful at it if we just jump in and take on every task possible.  So this is very good practice for me... learning skills One By One and taking my time making sure I learn them WELL... otherwise more mistakes are liable to happen causing me more work and hardship in the future. 

If it's not a fun task... make it so.  If it's not working one way... try another way.  Remember one of the beautiful things about being a homemaker is you are your own boss!  Re-arrange the schedule... Change the rules!  Do it YOUR way!  But take your time and do it well.

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