Phew!!  Well we have arrived safely in Arizona to our new home!! It's so exciting to be back in the desert and at the same time it hasn't quite hit us yet!!  There is so much I have to do!!  Find doctors, dentists, vets, and come up with a new daily routine!

We are currently living with family so that's why I need to tweak our daily routine.  The hardest part about this move and living with family is realizing that we are NOT on vacation and that's where a routine will come in very handy for us.  I'm expecting a few behavioral changes in our boy because of all the changes but hopefully nothing too extreme or permanent.  That's the other difficult part about living with family is that I will have to put SOME restriction on the level of spoiling everyone will want to do. :)

I'll also be in search of local children's activities and venues which I know will be somewhat difficult because where we are is not quite as family oriented as where we just came from.  Still... Kansas provided me with some excellent ideas!  I'm also considering starting my own Meetup mom's group that will hopefully reach out to like-minded mamas like me as far as crunch goes.  We'll see if I follow through on that!

I am SO excited to explore what Arizona has to offer as far as homesteading goes... Yes I'm from here but I had not yet caught the homesteading bug prior to our departure from here so I have PLENTY to learn!!!  So far I've found a few "You Pick" farms that I'm very excited about especially after our blueberry patch experience in Kansas!! Thanks for sticking with me through the move!! See ya on Mindful Monday! Mwah!

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